Another Web television series
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis III

Dwayne Hickman, star of the original show, turns 76 May 18, 2010. He would play the patriarch of a large grocery chain that has run into trouble during the bad years of the 21st Century economy, at the hands of the company’s new CEO and president, Dobie Gillis III.

Both Tuesday Weld and Warren Beatty are alive for appearances. Weld is 66 and Beatty is 73.

Gillis married Zelda Gilroy (Sheila James Kuehl, who has been active in California politics and is now 69), had a son, Dobie Gillis Jr., who took over the family business more than 20 years ago and passed about five years ago. Dobie Gillis III took over. The story of the original Dobie would need to explain he took his parent’s mom & pop grocery store into a mega grocer. This is where Tuesday Weld and Warren Beatty come into play. He hired Weld as COO and Beatty as chief buyer. It was their skills that built the business. Even though original Dobie is retired, these two continue on with the company and are in a power play – as they have been for 40 years – to take over the business. This would add tension.

III plays a roguish character much like a combination of his grandfather and his grandfather’s deceased best friend, Maynard G. Krebs.

It would give opportunity for an early 20s, Harvard educated MBA and Rhodes scholar III, with political ambitions, to date guest characters like Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Osment, Avril Lavigne, Orianthi, Colbie Caillat, both Aly and AJ Michalka and a host of other Hollywood hotties.

You could intertwine footage of the original television show, in all its black and white splendor, with references to historical events like civil rights, Elvis Presley, men walking on the moon, Nixon resigning all the way to III running into both Tina Fey and Sarah Palin at the same time with his political aspirations – even discussing his/her father’s legacy with Chaz Bono – how Sonny met Phil Spector (now in prison), created Sonny & Cher, was mayor of Palm Springs and a U.S. congressman.

It would be heavily laden with music, giving new musical acts an outlet to be exposed. How many television shows have succeeded with that concept?