When will marketers join 21st Century?
Coachella streams
Nada for Gibson blues jazz fest
AZ Country Thunder

When will marketers join the 21st Century? While Coachella's music weekend streams on both MySpace and Facebook, Arizona's Country Thunder and Glendale Gibson blues and jazz festival have each missed the mark.

Right now I'm watching Deer Trick perform at Coachella, roughly 200 miles from my Sonoran desert home. This is live. Coachella is on Facebook and MySpace.

At the same time Country Thunder is less than 50 miles away while the Glendale blues festival is about 15. Can't pick either one up online.

These events build industry and tourism for areas. State economic developers should facilitate live streams if no one else will.

On March 16, I chided shopping malls for 20th Century thinking. Let me today add government economic developers, tourist marketers and anyone who missed getting events like this streaming. Why do you think Grammys and Kid's Choice awards have been on TV for years?

As Miley Cyrus says, wake up America!
Live streaming is so easy a child can do it - and they are. Why aren't you, oh wise and brilliant marketer?