Easter Earthquake shakes up
Sonoran desert
Disney star Chelsea Staub
Breaks national news story
via Twitter

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Never thought Disney star Chelsea Staub would be the first to break a national news story, but here it is, before any news outlet got it, on Twitter,
ItsChelseaStaub We just felt the earthquake in ARIZONA!

A 7.2 quake hit Mexicali, Mexico around 3:40 p.m. Easter Sunday. Reportedly another earthquake, not aftershock, rocked California's Imperial Valley around 5 p.m., at 5.1.

For more than a year now, Marketing $ociologist has been warning about earthquakes. Check this March 26 post, or another from March 27; also Sept. 29. Is the movie 2012 accurate? Looking more and more like it after Haiti, Chile and now California, Sonoran desert.

More words of wisdom from Ms. Staub as she boarded her plane in Phoenix,
ItsChelseaStaub The Southwest terminal is playing Carole King's "I Feel The Earth Move" while I wait to board my flight back to Califonia. Poor taste?


  1. hehehe Ok, she was the first feeling the earthquake, didn't she?

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