Don't believe in miracles?
Then explain this

Don't believe in miracles, then explain this one. Whenever I get gas, I trip the odometer back to zero to tell how many miles per gallon I'm getting.

Went to a mall this evening for rapid WiFi. When I parked, my car had about 56 miles on it and 3/4 tank of gas.

When I came out, the odometer was at 3.6 miles and I had a full tank of gas. The only set of keys for the car were in my pocket. No one has another set.

Explain this one to me.

Also, I have been decimated by the bad economy like everyone else. Since the first of April everything has changed. I was given a government grant for classes. I got a scholarship to learn advanced Web design. A new client delivered $$$$ to my pockets. Explain this please if you don't believe in miracles.