Windows 7 update
What will next operating system be called?
When will it be released?
Microsoft is killing itself

Was thinking of upgrading to Windows 7. I have a key code #. When I do that, it is a day spent updating cookies for the Internet, customizing settings.

If you're a consultant, time is $.

Decided I'll just wait for the next version of Windows. Won't take that long. Remember when I first upgraded to Vista on another computer. I read the slogan, the last system you'll ever need. My daughter was in the room, and I said, for the next three years. How wrong I was. It was two years.

With that history in mind, will Microsoft wait until 2012, or have a release before that? If released in 2012, it could be called the Centennial to celebrate New Mexico's and Arizona's centennials. Arizona will be the last continental centennial (

By 2012, we won't need to worry about Microsoft. Like other companies, they are leaving themselves in the dust as society focuses on Google phone and iPhone. SmartPhones are the future and Microsoft seems to have been left behind.