While Google fiddles phone
World burns
What a day for news
Starting decade right

Seems the marketing world has turned its attention to Google's Android equipped phone.

While Google fanatics pay attention to this outbreak, the rest of the world burns like Rome's Nero. Here's the headlines you may have missed:

Hubble telescope shows earliest photo of universe

1,000 people homeless on Solomons after tsunami

Pending home sales fall 16 percent in Nov.

SALT LAKE CITY – Two schools were closed and another put on lockdown Tuesday as Utah police cordoned off a neighborhood while searching for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a sheriff's deputy.

Officers surrounded a house west Salt Lake City after the Corvette of suspect Roberto Miramontes Roman, 37, was found in the neighborhood, where he is believed to have relatives, Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Jeff Nigbur said.

Salt Lake City police Sgt. Robin Snyder said police weren't certain the suspect was inside but were being extra cautious.

"We don't want to lose another cop," she said.

WASHINGTON – NASA's new planet-hunting telescope has found two mystery objects that are too hot to be planets and too small to be stars.

The Kepler Telescope, launched in March, discovered the two new heavenly bodies, each circling its own star. Telescope chief scientist Bill Borucki of NASA said the objects are thousands of degrees hotter than the stars they circle. That means they probably aren't planets. They are bigger and hotter than planets in our solar system, including dwarf planets.

New 'strawberry' crab species found off Taiwan

Future uncertain for stuck Mars rover (Wolowitz' fault)

Apple buying mobile ad company Quattro Wireless

Topping it off, tomorrow is the People's Choice Awards show.