Weight loss just like marketing
Write it down, measure it and set goals

Losing weight is like marketing plans. You need to write it down and measure it for it to be effective.

The day after Christmas, Marketing $ociologist started a series on weight loss. This is the second in that series.

Today let’s look at the keys. The Dec. 26 edition gave you a diet and aerobic schedule.

Today we look at some components necessary for weight loss – that is measuring and writing it down.

A simple spreadsheet program – or even a cheap notebook – is all you need, plus inexpensive scales for measuring your food.

If you can’t look at the side of a package to determine fat content and calories, there’s plenty online resources. Here’s what you want to measure:

Fat content – no more than 28 grams per day

Calories – anywhere from 1200 to 2000, depending upon your composition

Ounces – six ounces of chicken or turkey breast, or fish

Weight – how much you are lifting, how many repetitions, etc.

Aerobics – how many a minutes – again go online and translate to calories burned

Finally, measure your weight and inches every three days AT LEAST – write it down! What to do if you’re not losing weight? Leave a comment and an electronic way to be contacted!