Political scenario other’s haven’t discussed
Homeland Security chief
Napolitano resigns April 1
John McCain does not seek re-election

Here’s how things could unfold in the political arena. Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, tenders her resignation before the end of January, effective April 1, to run against Senator John McCain in Arizona.

Women ended up comprising more than 70 percent of all state government jobs while Napolitano was Arizona’s governor; with the exception of five agencies, including Public Service and Transportation. State government is Arizona’s largest employer. Women comprise two-thirds of all state employee executives. This female power will give Napolitano the edge over McCain, who is still viewed by women as a lech due to his selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate.

It would save President Barack Obama as he escalates things due to an attempted terrorist attack last month. He would not need to fire Napolitano, as many insist he needs to. He could save face; which he needs to do following Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attack today against Obama’s health care plan.

Facing Napolitano, McCain could decide to step aside and let former U.S. Congressman J. D. Hayworth take on Napolitano. It will be like putting a snail against a Harley in a race, but it will provide a national presence for Hayworth.

It could lead to Hayworth giving a speech at the 2012 Republican convention; even taking the vice presidential bid under Sarah Palin rather than Paris Hilton (Paris and Palin in 2012).

California U.S. Congressman Jerry Lewis (R) could move to Arizona and run for Secretary of State. If current Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin is successful in his governor bid, Lewis would become governor after Martin vacates the post before the end of his term, as most governors have since Jack Williams left the office in 1975.