Losing weight – diet
Stay away from restaurants
Prepare you own food

Time Magazine reports, When you buy a car with a six-cylinder engine, you expect to get six cylinders. When you buy a dress in a size 10, you expect a size 10. And (SIC) when you buy a burger at a fast-food joint that's listed on the menu as containing 500 calories, you jolly well expect 500. But you may be getting a lot more than that. The same may true of the omelet and the pasta you get at a sit-down restaurant - and of the frozen dinner with the label you read so carefully before you tossed it in your supermarket basket and took it home.

Ruin your social life – refuse to go out to restaurants. It is tempting to do what you’ve done in the past, but that’s how you got out of shape and are now at health risks. If you’re used to eating at the mall, it is going to trigger a reaction to eat when you’re in a mall. Realize it and fight it like Ulysses fought the siren songs.

When you prepare your own food at home, you know what you’re getting. Get some of those frozen ice packs to take your meal with you.