Why Arizona's economy a mess
Government leads as employer
How much can taxpayers bear?

Want to know why Arizona's economy is one of the worst in the nation? No, it isn't the fact the State started its fiscal year July First and still hasn't passed a budget - well, it is that, but much more.

The Phoenix Business Journal released its top employer list today. Again, the state was at the top of the list. The City of Phoenix #4 and Arizona State University, again taxpayer supported like the State and City of Phoenix, #8.

The number 2 employer is Wal-mart. How are those part-time employees making about $8.50 per hour supporting all these taxpayer-supported government jobs averaging about $16 to $20 per hour?

his doesn't include the nation's second largest community college district; Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the nation (#6 on the list); more than 200 school districts statewide, on and on. Who's paying taxes to support all these tax-fed employees? Yet if you would make a statement online like government is bloated, you'll be bashed in seconds.


  1. Indeed all the "good jobs" are in government. Isn't that what grandpa said anyway? I think he said,"Finish high school and get a good government job, doesn't matter which one, military, post office, social security, etc and work there for 20 years and enjoy a great retirement." Well, if you missed grandpa's words of wisdom, there is still hope for you, you can still enjoy a worry free retirement. Anyone with at least 10 more good years left prior to retiring can have a worry free retirement, even if they haven't saved a dime. Ask me how...princess@princessclark.com

  2. In my particular community, a large number of the people are not employed at all - they're snowbirds, are only here part of the year, and tend to be extremly frugal since many are on a fixed income and unsure of the future. So the only employers are those who service the snowbirds - and those jobs tend to be seasonal, low hourly pay, and without benefits. Wondering how we can turn that around...


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