U.S.A. making bad mistake on broadband
Should be investing in bullet trains & WiMax

Vice President Joe Biden is announcing right about now (12-17-2009) $2-billion of your tax dollars to provide broadband to various communities - without rhyme or reason to which community will get it.

Television had to vacate the 700 Hertz broadcast band so wireless (cell) phone vendors could offer movies and the nation could move to WiMax. Computer manufacturers seem to have abandoned WiMax, so everyone is forgetting it.

Broadband is already archaic to WiMax. It is the same story of management stuck in 20th Century thinking. Instead of broadband, the government should be investing in WiMax; and beam Internet to Cuba - today's equivalent to Radio Free Europe.

Broadband touches nearly every aspect of the U.S. economy, providing Americans with unprecedented opportunities in employment, education, health care, entrepreneurship, and civic participation
, the White House National Economic Council said in a report released to coincide with the announcement. - Associated Press

Government needs to focus on 21st Century solutions. Right now 193 nations are meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations Climate Conference. You can't tell me all those planes landing every second at airports throughout the nation - as well as taking off and in the skies - are not contributing to global warming.

The U.S.A. needs to focus on non-polluting bullet trains and support bus lines that service rural communities. That would be a better way for Joe Biden to spend his $2-billion dollars.