People’s Choice Awards 2010
Dominated by Taylor Swift
Repeating myself & Disney ignored again

People’s Choice awards will be announced Jan. 6, but you can have them now.

Favorite Pop Artist, Taylor Swift, going to be tight with Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Female Artist, Taylor Swift

Favorite Country Artist, Taylor Swift hands down

Best Breakout Artist, Susan Boyle. Thought this was a skin condition, not best new artist. This 48-year old will sweep this category. She’s not breaking out, I don’t think.

Favorite Music Collaboration – Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz. This award will show REAL beauty still matters in Hollywood. Go Colbie!

I will issue a disclaimer. Unlike the Grammy’s, which are pretty predictable year after year, People’s Choice, as well as the American Music Awards, can go left field or any which way.

You notice there are no Disney stars in these categories. Is Disney as done as toast? Was D23 its last hurrah?

Can you name People’s Choice first top male and female entertainer? Bob Hope and Carol Burnett; good company for Taylor Swift to be in to be in.


  1. I take it back. Demi Lovato is nominated for breakout artist. Guess the nominators didn't hear the Wizards of Waverly Place CD with Disappear by Selena Gomez.


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