Make your sales soar
Identify personality

Looking to increase your sales? Start selling to personality types; there’s only three different ones.

Years ago I consulted with a Best Buy-type of retailer. This firm’s sales skyrocketed using this technique.

I’m asked over and over how I create increases in the $300-million or more range for companies. The key is listening to your customers. Plain and simple. That’s how I developed the three selling personalities.

If you listen to your customer and use probing questions, within two minutes you’ll identify all but the toughest of them.

Visual – with visual customers, you use statements like, can’t you see this big screen TV in your home, picture yourself cruising down the road in this baby.

Auditory – Use the word listen. Don’t say listen to me, but let’s say you’re selling a computer or wireless (cell) phone, emphasize the sound quality for MP3s and videos.

Touchy-feely – Probably the easiest to sell too. First, make sure you’re touching their arm, shoulder. Keys phrases include, think of how you’ll feel. You’re going to need to go the extra mile with this personality type. They are also the highest buyer remorse personality and tend to return things quicker than the other two personality types.