Lose weight in SECOND DECADE, year one
How to lose 50 pounds or 5 pant sizes now

New Years translates into billions for the weight loss industry. Marketing $ociologist believe in saving readers money. Forget all those television and magazine ads of lose weight now. They’re only after your $$$. It’s a billion $ market.

Allow me to help you lose 50 pounds before the end of 2010. It is as simple as 2 pounds per week. The secret is diet and exercise; and I’ll explain how to do each.

Okay, I’ll buy into the concept you get checked over by a doctor before starting either. If you have clogged arteries or diabetes, you have to know before you start this program.

First, let’s start with exercise. Buy yourself a bike! Mine came from a non-profit thrift store for $10. Spent $50 to have a tune up. Still a bargain. Wait until you call those television weight programs. With up sells, you’re spending $500 or more – as they say on TV, forget about it! You can buy a good bike and pay $30 per month at a gym (if you’re spending more, you’re being robbed – I spend $11 per month, really! I have 12 gyms to choose from throughout town.) for what those television ads will take out of your wallet.

Gyms are great. You make friends. Whenever I see people with a personal trainer at the gym, I go, there’s someone with TOOO much $$$. Here’s a tip – walk up to the most buffed dude (women get freaked) and ask them to take you under their wings. Ask what the last show they competed in and how they placed. I got lucky, The guy I did this to was the state body building champ and was more than willing to run me through routines for three times until I got it.

Once went to Muscle Beach (Venice, CA). The attendant said, go on in. Didn’t charge me the daily gate fee. There I ran into another of the buffed members of my gym. He was competing that day. Through him, I ended up standing next to the future Governator – a memory so special I will die with it.

Inch-by-inch, it’s a synch or cinch

Motivators say to break things down in small bites. That’s what we’re going to do, and I don’t mean chewing your food more (which is an excellent way to start losing weight). In the next 53 weeks, we’re going to lose 50 pounds. Let’s break that down to 2 pounds per week! Easy!

Water is important

I live in the desert. Water is important. Same with diet. Throw out all that soda – anything carbonated expands the stomach, making weight loss near impossible. Throw out the wine; cheese (definitely), alcohol and caffeine (hardest for me). For the next 53 weeks it’s H20 or green tea.

Forget supplements like creatine, protein powders, etc. There’s a phrase for all these – expensive urine. Fish oil pills, vitamins okay.


For exercise, you’re going to do 40 minutes of aerobics first thing every morning, then in early evening, on the old traditional work-day schedule. Don’t expect to do it your first trip. I was told anything under 20 minutes is not aerobic. So start with 20 minutes twice a day. Work your way up. If by the end of January, you’re not at 40 minutes twice a day, what can I do to motivate you? You’re probably not ready to lose weight and be healthier. I have a friend who was that way – not motivated. At 58, he’s now lying in a nursing home and is slowly dieing. Is that what you want?

Start with the aerobics, then in a few weeks start to add weights to your routine – again, listen to that muscle dude you’ve been hanging with.

Find some good energetic music to motivate you.

Here’s a tip – Zig Ziglar tells how he would put the underwear guys from magazines on the refrigerator. Get a notebook and put pictures of what your life will be like after you lose weight. I also recommend slim magazines like Muscle & Fitness for motivation, or Shape or whatever the woman’s magazine is.


You need to reward yourself. When you lose the first two pounds, reward yourself. No, not an all-you-can-eat buffet – what are you, crazy? Don’t be going to the movie and having all the popcorn, either. I’ve never understood how people can’t go two hours (length of average movie) without food. Take water with you. Since I live in the desert, spring training (MLB baseball) is starting. Same deal with two hours – no hot dogs, etc.

Weight loss

Realistically, or ideally, you’re going to lose more than two pounds each your first few weeks. Around October, if you’re losing ½ pound per week, you’re doing good.

Diet plan

Here’s your diet plan.


Six egg whites. Me, I splurge and eat salsa with it. Have half cup of vegetable if you’d like.

Every third or fourth day you can substitute ½ cup of oatmeal – I like mine with cinnamon and artificial sweetener (oh, did I forget to mention that?).

No fruit, no milk on this diet.

Lunch, dinner and fourth meal

Six ounces of fish; chicken or turkey breast. Half-cup greens, like lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower – consider this your carbohydrates.

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