Is it raining on your business?
Are you avoiding success?

The desert is receiving its first significant rainfall in eight months today. I see people running away from the rain, and saying wish it wasn't raining.

This is more precious than gold. This is life for the desert and those like me who live in the desert.

Are you running your business like those running from the rain?

I just got an email from a prospective client who does smoking cessation programs. They were too cowardly to call, they sent an email. They said I lacked experience in tobacco cessation. I'm the one who strategized elimination of R. J. Reynold's SMOKELESS CIGARETTE for four of the nation's largest health organizations, including the American Medical Association. It was my strategies and action that lead to elimination of smoking on domestic airline flights of two hours or less. Yet I have an organization saying I don't have the qualifications they need for this project.

Yes, this firm is a classic example of an organization running from success. Rather than calling in someone who will bring incredible results, they'll go with the firm recommending press releases and in a year they'll be looking for someone else because they did not get the results they wanted. Is this how your organization runs? Running from success?