Marketing $ociologist Twitter strategies
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The final year of the 21st Century’s first decade, Marketing $ociologist has been calling Twitter the greatest marketing tool ever.

You can target your customers, measure sales hourly; know how to EXACTLY reach your customers, all with 21st Century marketing tools.

I used to say you should rifle your target marketing, not shotgun it. Thanks to Internet tools available, I have said rifle marketing is the same as shot gunning. These tools are so terrific and special, you can now laser beam your intended audience.

An example is T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I will be attending his seminar in the desert this weekend (hope there is no sweat lodge involved). He promises a free book for the admission fee. This is the 21st Century and with 21st Century marketing tools, I expect my book to be personally inscribed with my name and his signature. No, that’s not expecting TOO much in the 21st Century. That’s what excellence is and why you’re losing money. You haven’t talked to Marketing $ociologist about any of this. You’re stuck in your 20th Century press release mindset – I hope not for your organization’s sake.

I have advised coffee shops and dry cleaners, now a realtor, how to use Twitter with an announcement like this, between 2 and 4 Dec. 1, 2009, (be specific for legal reasons), get 40 percent off your order. Motivate your Twitter audience. Don’t patronize them with 10 percent. That’s like getting a kiss when you’re expecting to spend the next week without seeing daylight.

I have consulted groups providing job search techniques to ex-felons. A key is to post your resume to Wordpress, Use the pages, or book, style layout to hide pages from those surfing the ‘net that you don’t want seeing resume. Yet when you go into an interview, or on the phone and someone asks for your resume, you can give them the URL rather than saying I’ll mail, email or fax it to you. They can reference it right as you speak to them, not losing any of your sales pitch momentum.

For more ideas for creating success, click on the phone icon and call. Another 21st Century tool – no cost to you.