Google once more proves it is a marketer’s dream
New 21st Century measuring tools

Google rolled out – or I just discovered – new marketing tools for 21st Century Marketing $ociologists.

There are Metrics and Dimensions. Under Metrics, you have

Site usage





Under Dimensions, there’s


Traffic sources




A happy day for 21 st Century marketers. Measuring is key and Google is helping Marketing $ociologists. You can now refine time of day, where people found you and all sorts of other tools to define how and where you deliver messages. Sorry to all those public relations fools stuck in 20th Century thinking asking “where do I send my press release” on LinkedIn. It’s another century and new tools for greater profits.

If your marketing agency isn’t offering you these measurement tools, we do!

Even Obama realizes how these new tools will change the world; from Associated Press, BEIJING – President Barack Obama pointedly nudged China on Monday to stop censoring Internet access, offering an animated defense of the tool that helped him win the White House and suggesting Beijing need not fear a little criticism.