Creating an iPhone app for your business
Easy as R-A-C-E

One of the hottest marketing tools in the 21st Century is iPhone, as well as other wireless Web-enabled phones, apps. Creating customers via wireless apps is as easy as R-A-C-E.

First, think of the Tubes 1981 smash hit, The Completion Backwards Principle. What outcome do you want your wireless phone app to achieve?


The first step is doing your research. Define your target audience (publics) and how they receive their messages. If you’re targeting Pennsylvania Amish, forget an iPhone or wireless app. Not good here.

You want your audience to become aware of your app and draw them to it and use it to create customers=revenue flow for you. Let’s say you’re a high school teacher and want to send apps to your students. Inform them the apps are available. Engage them to text their friends. Spread the word. Create Twitter and Facebook accounts for your app.


Plan your activities by steps. Target your audience, evaluate every step along the way, have a written down communications plan. That would include using other 21st Century marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace if you’re a band and want to sell CDs or shows. Get clear in your mind what your objectives are.

Look for things that can go wrong. Let’s say you do a sweat lodge ceremony. Can people die? Will you be sued by a Native American tribe? Is there a chance your project could hit a flock of geese and you end up in the Hudson? Look for variable in your plan.

What will motivate people to the end result you’re looking for? Discounts on a dry cleaning or pizza order? Ten percent bonus for referring new clients to a Marketing $ociologist? You may be a minister looking to get more people into the pews on Sunday. I recommend you utilize Steven K. Scott’s “salt lick” philosophy.

C – the secret

Now it is time to execute your plan using strategies you developed

E – the Marketing $ociologist secret

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