You should be managing iPhone apps & Google Wave
Facebook & Twitter are so yesterday
Management hasn’t caught up to Marketing $ociologist

Yesterday I read in the Phoenix Business Journal that SRP, one of Arizona’s largest utilities, is adapting Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I met with the department head mentioned in the story in May of 2008. At that meeting I recommended their company advance to 21st Century marketing tools, mentioning YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and blogging. Several weeks after the meeting, I got a call to pick up my material, they weren’t interested.

Almost two years later, within striking distance of the 21st Century’s second decade, they announce they’re adopting ideas we discussed and I’ve been left empty hand in the $$$ department.

My current advice is iPhone apps and Google Wave. Yes, companies are rejecting these 21st Century marketing tools as they did nearly four years ago when I was telling them about YouTube and MySpace and they were asking, “Who do you know in the media?” Seriously, this was their 20th Century thinking.

I can’t tell you what tomorrow brings; let’s all pray it is the two hour bullet train from Phoenix to Los Angeles – with WiFi or WiMAX.

I can tell you what is today and what needs to be implemented in your marketing plan immediately; iPhone apps and Google Wave.

When AT&T and Apple release 4G at Christmas time, iPhones will do for the economy what the “cash for clunkers” program did. It will – or should be right now – creating programmer jobs.