Why service industries need free WiFi
Whatever happened to WiMax?
AT&T confirms 4G out at Christmas

It is a rare cool morning in the Sonoran desert. Rather than run to the gym, it’s one of those days you want to sip coffee. I’m frugal, I like to do my coffee sipping at McDonald’s where I get free refills. Only reason I don’t, McDonald’s doesn’t have FREE WiFi. They charge for it. Stupid.

I’ve said it over and over, if you want to attract customers if you own a restaurant or food service business, you need FREE WiFi. It helped build Starbucks. It can do the same for your business.

That got me to thinking about whatever happened to WiMax, the technology that was suppose to replace WiFi by now? It seems as dead as the careers of American Idiot winners season two through five.

The government had broadcast television vacate the 700 MHz spectrum to make room for WiMax, as well as allowing wireless (cell) phone providers to offer movies and video services. Now WiMax seems dead.

The blog 4G Trends has a plausible answer of what killed WiMax. It is 4G! This morning an AT&T rep confirmed what I’ve known since springtime. While jerks were buying the “latest” iPhone with Bluetooth capability, I’ve mentioned here 4G will be available at Christmas time. That was confirmed this morning. That’s why I’ve been holding off buying my iPhone. Check this blog from July 3 or July 7.

Buying a Blackberry or any other type of Web enabled phone is crazy. The standard is, and will continue to be, iPhone. Recent Federal regulations require bloggers full disclosure. I have no iPhone. My current “cell” is a prepaid, which I rarely use. As I say, my “cell” phone is Twitter. I probably will join the iPhone brigade in December. The AT&T rep says I’ll be able to get a minimum calling plan with unlimited wireless for $70 per month. As Seth Godin said, pay the piper. Get the real deal.

I hate contracts, though. That’s why my computer broadband is through Cricket. They based their business model on SOL Communications. Yet they never hired any of SOL’s employees when the company was sold to what is now T-Mobile. More stupid.