What would you do for public relations
Regarding Sedona sweat lodge deaths
27 years after Tylenol scare

Thursday evening I posed a question to an Arizona public relations blog as how they would handle public relations for the Sedona sweat lodge site deaths. They did not post anything on it, so I will ask you, the readers of this blog, to comment on what you'd do if you were handling PR for either the sweat lodge site or James Arthur Ray (first, is it a hard PR sell that his name is SO similar to the man who assassinated Martin Luther King)?

I was going to blog about the similarities to the Tylenol scare of September, 1982. The owners of the sweat lodge - Angel Valley Retreat Center - seem to have done a Tylenol. It's not our fault; someone tainted the product. In this case, pointing the finger at James Arthur Ray. Now what does he do? What sort of career will he have?