Sharing great post at Ragan
Don't forget the link & tweet
Make sure it is correctly targeted had a great post I'd like to share. My addition is, when sending the pitch email, provide a link for the press release and graphics (including videos) that can be utilized by the reporter or blogger

Also make sure you are targeting the correct blogger, editor or reporter. Don't send your music performance to PC Week.

Another tool is to alert them of the incoming email via a tweet to their Twitter account.

How to pitch a busy TV reporter
Bill Sweetland
WGN TV’s (Channel 9, Chicago) medical reporter Dina Bair wants to read your pitch, not hear it, and she wants to read it when you’re going to bed

National health beat TV reporter Dina Bair doesn’t have time to take a phone call from a PR rep pitching a story during her day at WGN TV. She doesn’t even have time for voice mail pitches: “They’re always too long with too many details.”

Her favorite method of getting pitches: e-mail. She says, “I love to read e-mails.” Her preferred time to read these pitches: Long after the frenzy of daily news gathering has subsided, at home, at 11:00 at night, when she can give them her full attention.