ROI paradigm shift
Understanding how consultants
Don’t know what they’re doing

Every day I hear or read consultants utilizing words like social media and similar terms; i.e. - ROI to mean getting press coverage. That is not ROI. What’s so social about a media where someone is locked to a computer at 1 a.m. blogging rather than out networking?

About five years ago everyone was saying that’s a paradigm shift. They had no idea what they were talking about, like today’s ROI user.

I’m guilty of it too. One of my favorite terms is MBWAmanagement by walking around. I still believe in that one. I also use bottom line when I mean a company making profit, or money.

I hear lots and lots of buzz words bantered about daily. What does it tell me? The person is covering their lack of management knowledge by trying to look “cool.” The best management is to use terms everyone is familiar with; money coming in, profit, cash, 21st Century. Do away with those KSA, KPI, KSI acronyms; use English – unless you’re in Latin America, Germany or non-English speaking countries.