More than 4-million jobs lost
75% men
Include discouraged, part time
More than 14%
Obama said 9 months
job loss un-American

During his election campaign, President Barack Obama called nine months of job loss “un-American. We need a president who understands that.”

Yet Obama unsuccessfully rallies behind the failed Olympic bid and uses health care as a smoke screen to take citizens’ attention away from the economy.

Maybe Obama should be like Bill Clinton and put a sign on his desk, “It’s the economy, stupid.” This is the main reason Obama will be a one term president. Obama has been in office nine months. Is he un-American? Maybe we should search more diligently for that birth certificate!

As the report below says, men have lost “three out of four jobs” of that 4-million-plus. Yet there is not a public outcry. There should be. That’s 75 percent, or 3-million jobs lost. That’s the equivalent of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Imagine every man, woman and child in the nation’s second largest county, area-wise, losing their jobs.

If you add the number of people taking part time jobs, discouraged and not looking for work that brings the job loss to more than 6-million, or men losing 4.5-million jobs. That 4.5 million would be everyone in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland complex, or the Boston or Atlanta metropolitan areas.

Mr. President, you said it yourself, nine months of unemployment – the most in 60 years – is un-American! What are you going to do about it?