Marketing Sociology about taking risks
Rio de Janeiro gets 2016 Olympics
Profits come from taking risk

When I wrote the headline below, Rio de Janeiro had not officially won the 2016 Olympics. I took a risk. I do that many times on this blog. It's how you utilize Marketing Sociology.

Nothing is perfect. With no risk, your money is in a bank drawing less than one percent, not working for you.

How did I find out Rio won? Radio, television, news wire, press release? No, it became a Twitter trending topic immediately. 21st Century marketing tools!

Taking risks is how you increase your profits. You look at history, cycles. As stated in previous blog, no South American country had ever had the Olympics. Rio also has Carnaval, and it is famous for something New Orleans is just catching on to for Mardi Gras.

In 1999, researcher for SOL Communications, including myself, predicted the housing downturn would happen in 2003. It was three years late by our prognostication. Why was EVERY other company and governments caught off-guard? Why could a small company forecast it and the nation's alleged top thinkers miss it? Shows the media isn't always aware of top thinkers. Many aren't tapping into Marketing Sociologist.