Is Miley Cyrus still touring?
Why 21st Century marketing tools
Important for creating image & brand

For some reason I’ve become known as a “social media,” Internet wizard. Trust me, it’s all about communications and marketing, rather than 21st Century marketing tools expertise.

For me, it started with two YouTube projects in fall 2006. Preston Hubbard (formerly of The Fabulous Thunderbirds) posting videos of Stevie Ray Vaughan with his brother’s (Jimmy Vaughan) band, T-birds.

Also, one of the most genius advertising campaigns ever devised. It was for the Mini Cooper car. No one has done anything since. Hammer and Coop was a fantastically produced commercial that premiered online. Each week you had to tune in (I found mine on YouTube). They missed one week by a few days and I was in withdrawals. I was hooked on YouTube – my first “social media” exposure. Before LinkedIn, MySpace or Twitter (Facebook is the newcomer, but has become the most popular).

The problem with becoming enamored with any technology is you lose sight of the forest and begin only seeing trees. As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, the old strategic tools of SWOT still need to be in place. I can tell you marketing tools for Twitter no one else is aware of, but if it isn’t helping your bottom line, what does it matter? This enamoring of Twitter or Facebook by many is taking away from the total effect marketing has on an organization. Many forget it’s about profit, not 21st Century marketing tools.

Since Miley Cyrus has quit Twitter, I’ve been unaware of her tour. Last night she played Dallas and tomorrow New Orleans. In her case, it is the old adage, out of sight, out of mind. Twitter was a marketing goldmine for Cyrus, and her handlers up and left. Not a smart marketing move.

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