Had a feeling Rio de Janeiro would win
Even best PR campaigns sometimes fail

The official 2016 Olympic site hasn't been announced yet, but I have a feeling it is going to Rio de Janeiro. Hard to beat the fact no country in South America has ever had the Olympics.

The U.S. mounted one of the most spectacular public relations campaigns on record. Yet it was eliminated faster than than me playing tennis against Serena Williams.

, the movie, had one of the most fantastic public relations campaigns. Vanessa Hudgens, a known High School Musical star, went on the morning news programs. Alyson Michalka, another known Disney star, tweeted from London. Great PR. A video from the movie was released three months before the premier. Only problem was, the song was never released to radio stations. The studio expected radio to pick it off the video. That's too optimistic.

was one of the lowest grossing movies of the year. My local $1 movie place pulled the plug on it sales were so lackluster.

Ashley Tisdale
used 21st Century marketing tools, which many term social media, excellently promoting her second CD, Guilty Pleasure. Videos, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter; excellent. The CD failed, only selling 30,000 it first week. It quickly fell off the charts.

Any public relations professional can tell you about the great presentation they made to the perfect client, only to have the client choose the big name agency that will service their account with nothing but interns.

So it is with the 2016 Olympic selection.