Giving thanks for living in the Sonoran desert
Just like living in paradise

The Pizza Hut oven heat has abated in the Sonoran desert. This had to be one of the shortest summers on record.

Temperatures are currently in the mid-80s and will hover around that through mid-March.

I have to be thankful that I live in the only place in the world – the world! – where Major League baseball is played 10 months a year. Many know about spring training, but so few know of one of the desert’s hidden diamonds – as in baseball – the fall league. Starts in five days.

There’s Blues Blast in February, the first outdoor music festival in North America. This signals the start of spring baseball training. We’re also home to two NASCAR events. Miley Cyrus even extended her Best of Both World’s tour to play here with Aly & AJ in 2008. She was here on her Wonder World 2009 tour. Probably the ONLY state in the nation that can say it has hosted a Miley Cyrus concert for the past three years – running.

Tempe will hold one of the nation’s premiere New Year’s Eve parties for going on two decades. Jimi Hendrix played here three times while he was alive. I saw him free at the state fair, which starts Oct. 16. This weekend I’m going to a fabulous Greek festival; its 49th year.

Yes, I’m rubbing it in your face.