Even genius business marketers can increase profits utilizing 21st Century marketing tools

21st Century marketing doesn't always need to be about Twitter and Facebook. Recently I saw marketing genius just by someone observing.

For about five years, my county library has shared its building with a magnet or charter high school. The building has a vending machine canteen where everything is overpriced. Soda is $1.50 and candy bars $1.25.

For the past week a "roach coach" has been pulling up just as the students go to lunch.

I'm sure the roach coach owner was either a parent or patron of the library and saw a business opportunity - genius. For five years others have missed it. The owner probably had to get permission from the property owner (the local community college) to offer the service. It also protects the roach coach from others entering their unique market position.

I do have a way of improving its marketing. The roach coach sits far enough from population they could blare music aimed at teens - right now urban. It's a form of advertising that says "we're here." At construction sites they honk horns.

Even for this roach coach I recommend Facebook and Twitter presence. Their customers are the first generation where each and every one of them was probably born into a home with a home computer. They have web enabled wireless phones. Facebook is as normal as breathing for them. The roach coach can offer different specials each day (not the same ones each week) on its Facebook page and have it picked up automatically on Twitter. Extra discount or free mustard for students who RT, or retweeting, its tweet to other students.

Even roach coaches can utilize 21st Century marketing.