Defending Sedona sweat lodge James Arthur Ray
Handling his public relations

I posted a question on LinkedIn: How would you – from a public relations standpoint – defend the man whose sweat lodge ceremonies resulted in the death of three people – so far. Also blogged about it

I am still not a big fan of how Tylenol handled the scare in 1982. Every other PR expert holds it as a shining example. I don’t think Tylenol, or Letterman admission, were great public relations campaigns. It was the government, not Tylenol, who came up with tamper proof bottles. Tylenol just said, someone tampered with our product. Then they recalled it. Is a recall progressive PR?

I’m glad I wasn’t handling Ray’s public relations. I still don’t know how I’d handle it. I have some hair-brain ideas. Hey, three people died in the Detroit marathon and they were healthy. Could happen anywhere. You could also try, It was a reaction from their swine flu shots. Yeah, that’s the ticket.