Why mainstream media is dieing
Headline - Poll: Media is biased, inaccurate, influenced by elites

This mainstream media report:

Two-thirds of news stories are inaccurate, three-quarters are biased, according to a national poll by the Pew Research Center, which also found a heavy reliance on TV news.

The survey of 1,500 adults in July found that 63 percent of those polled thought news stories often are inaccurate compared with 29 percent who say stories are accurate.

Seventy-four percent said stories are biased and the same percentage said the media is influenced too much by powerful people and interests. Only 18 percent said the press tries to be unbiased and 20 percent said the media is not influenced by power brokers.

The Pew survey also found that 64 percent of respondents get the bulk of their local news from TV stations, 41 percent from local newspapers, 17 percent online and 18 percent via radio.

Those same respondents said local TV stations do a better job than newspapers of uncovering important local stories — 44 percent to 25 percent.


  1. Yeah, blogs are more accurate. God help us all.

  2. Thanks for commenting Nikki. I strive for accuracy. It has included being first to announce Miley Cyrus tour in April, when mainstream announced it in June. Yes, Miley makes roughly $500,000 per day, but Forbes said she made $26,000 last year, same as the Jonas Brothers. I've wanted to know what orifice mainstream media pull their sources and information from?

    As a former journalist, I regret mainstream media has denigrated to such a sorry level. Blogs are the only place left to get news. I also recommend blogsearch.google.com for more information.


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