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Ten days before I see Miley Cyrus, I’m watching almost every song on the first night of her 2009 tour thanks to YouTube.

My love affair with YouTube began more than four years ago when I discovered videos of Stevie Ray Vaughan onstage with his brother’s band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

In late 2006, I was telling prospective clients they needed a YouTube and MySpace presence. I was literally thrown out of offices for not advocating press releases, after all, PR stands for press releases, right? Wouldn’t want to hire someone as a public relations consultant who actually understood the economy, marketing and the future. This guy has an M.B.A.; get him out of here. Bring in the 20 year old female who just completed an internship – she’ll send press releases.

Today, you’ll get more coverage with that YouTube video – even on mainstream news – than your press release. How much has your company lost by not adopting?

If you’re concerned about your company’s economic wellness and growth, use the free phone call icon on this blog to call and arrange a free consultation. What do you have to lose? Millions if you don’t act now.


  1. As our world becomes smaller, more nations are not only doing business with each other, but are also socializing and creating long lasting relationships across oceans, throught such media outlets like Youtube and Twitter. To me this is both wonderful and provacative. Marketing Sociologist what place does a mom and pop shop have in world that is growing smaller? How can a market my small niche and still make a profit in a world of Walmarts, Costco's and Facebooks?

    As me and my clients relentlessly pursue our goals (onesteptogoal.blogspot.com) how do those of us with small market messages survive in a global marketplace? Does Dave's Drycleaning need a YouTube presence in order to remain competitive?

  2. At the beginning of every century there is a business upheaval. The 20th Century saw farm boys moving from the South to the Great Lakes for industrial jobs, giving us Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf.

    In three months we approach the 21st Century’s second decade. Our economy suffers as businesses are reluctant to adapt to a new age and ways of doing business. Marketing still functions on the 4Ps – which I would be glad to explain to anyone calling via the icon at the left – a free call.

    As you have demonstrated, you have a blog, a Twitter presence. Dave the dry cleaner needs these, too. A MySpace and FaceBook presence, too. A few short years ago Dave could have sent an “email” blast. Now no one reads those. You Twitter, or tweet, a special – from 2 to 4 p.m. Thursday get four pieces of dry cleaning for the price of three. Works for Dave, the pizza guy and The Jonas Brothers (yes, they do things like this – like getting a crowd for a radio show).

    As Barbara Walters said, the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift built million dollar businesses (the Jonas Brothers’ record label released its first CD by Honor Society yesterday) via 21st Century marketing.

    That’s why it is so important to hire those on the leading edge to advise your business. Hiring an intern is 20th Century thinking and look at the beating our economy has taken due to this antiquated way of reasoning. You need a professional who knows the playing field. Soldiers in war won’t walk across the field until it has been swept for landmines. Why should you risk your business with an intern instead of a professional? Call now!


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