Let me take your mind off the economy
The secret behind President Barack Obama
Health care reform

Three presidents in a row did it. Bill Clinton had a desk plaque, It’s the economy, stupid. He created Y2K to create jobs. Oh, your computer system is going to crash Jan. 1, 2000 and all will be lost. A great tactic that temporarily created jobs and a great economy. At the end of his term, his administration was lying through its collective teeth about how robust the economy was.

After a year in office, George Bush created 9-11 to take the public’s mind off the bad economy Clinton left him. Worked for about six years, until just before he left office. Hey, his father was head of the CIA.

One term President Barack Obama was overwhelmed by how bad George Bush and Bill Clinton had left the economy. No one would admit it was worse than the Great Depression of the 20th Century.

Obama resorted to two tactics. First was to lie about it like Clinton had.

The second was to utilize a diversionary tactic as George Bush had. What better way than heartedly push a health care reform – something Bill Clinton saw would never fly when he was president.

Obama knew special interest groups would fight him, enlisting the aid of right wing radio personalities determined to ruin the nation in the name of ratings; which translated to millions in their pockets.

Obama was a wise president and knew how to take the nation’s mind off the bad economy via pushing health care reform. It lasted the entire four years of his one term in office.