It’s not a bad economy
The world has changed
Not your business

Less than 25 years ago I remember having milk and orange juice delivered to my home.

Five years ago people in Albuquerque and Tucson had an evening newspaper. Meanwhile, in Denver, what was the evening paper in 1980 is now the sole daily.

Five years ago had you heard of Twitter or Facebook? (For some stuck in the 20th Century, they still are clueless.) How about the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift?

I’ve heard cobblers, or shoe repair, is a dying industry. I also am seeing fewer dry cleaners – that one I’m at a loss for what I’ll do. I now travel about 20 miles to get one.

Just 10 years ago the main stock-in-trade for any public relations professional was media relations. I had – and still have – a 95 percent placement rate I’ve held for 40 years.

Yet half the 21st Century ago I started advocating a YouTube and MySpace presence. Even this very day, if you go to social media sites like LinkedIn, you’ll see people saying Twitter – the world’s third most frequented Internet site – is “too early” or irrelevant..

Questions on how do I get my press release used shows how out of touch PR people are. There may be people still delivering milk and eggs, for all I know.