How do you treat your new hires?
Another Marketing Sociologist key to $$$$

How do you treat your new hires? Do you go on vacation the day they start? I’ve actually heard of that.

Do you say, “There’s your desk” and that’s it? I once did work for a Native American tribe who pointed me to the building I’d be working in. They had informed no one in the organization – including those reporting to me – they had hired a consultant. That spelled success.

AT&T had a three day training program that threw everyone from vice president to customer service (their term for sales staff) in the same program. It was good.

MCI had the best new hire training in the world. Better than ITT or Xerox sales program. For two weeks it taught the company history, what was expected on the job, how to dress (men had to wear black ties and white shirts – color of pants was optional); computer operation and the programs you’d be working in. How everyone in the organization was responsible for selling; even the IT people.

Worst thing you can do is have no direction for the employee. You should have a job description, plus explain the review program – three months, six months and a year. You should outline the goals you want the employee to achieve in the first three months and second three months.

Do you hover over the employee, telling them what to do? That’s called micro-managing. Why’d you hire an employee if you don’t want them contributing their ideas to your organization? Were you looking for a clone?

Do you leave the employee to learn about the organization from office gossip?

If it is your company, you should want to ensure the success of each employee. This starts from the interview, hiring and first minute of their first day. It is up to you, not the new employee.

You create success for each and every employee. Nine out of 10 times, when someone leaves, it’s not them, it’s you!