Happy birthday
The big 4-0 for the Internet
Suffering mid-life crisis

It was 40 years ago today; Sgt. Pepper used his computer to play. Wait, that’s wrong. Just days before The Beatles released Abbey Road, researchers at the University of California, L.A., launched an “open network” for freely exchanging information between computers. Wonder if they heard of protocol at that time – no; DEC came with that about 10 years later.

That research was the birth of the Internet. So the Internet turns 40 today! Happy birthday, Internet. (By the way, no one will tell you this, but it was a government military funded research project. Schools were blown up for such research in the late ‘60s. Did you know the government also funded the first computers? They were used on the 1960 census.)

Unfortunately no one else famous was born on this day. Is it Woodstock’s fault?