Arizona Governor proclamation formula for bad economy

Arizona’s fill-in governor, the one who has not signed a budget into law for 2009/2010 when the fiscal year started July 1 (only state in the nation still without a budget approved) is advocating Arizonans do exactly what got the U.S. into its current depression – go out and spend money needlessly and foolishly.

On Friday, The Arizona Republic reported, Gov. Jan Brewer took the stage Thursday with rocker and restaurateur Alice Cooper to convince Arizonans that dining out is good for the state.

Announcing a three-month public-awareness campaign called Dine 4 AZ, they said going to restaurants supports businesses and helps preserve jobs. Brewer noted that restaurants generate 10 percent of Arizona's tax revenues.

Spending money they didn’t have on homes, gas-guzzling SUVs and dining out nearly destroyed this nation when George Bush was president (both). Fiscal responsibility, investing and saving are the answer to a strong economy. Devaluing the dollar wouldn’t hurt, either. Granted, everything is made in China today (100 years ago it was the U.S.A.), so iPhones and computers would cost more, but it would mean our beef and other products would be cheaper throughout the world, building more demand for our products and creating jobs.

Arizona is $3-billion in debt, yet the governor can pay an outside public relations firm millions for this three month campaign? Sounds like cronyism or graft.

There are voices of reason in Arizona. Not everyone is a whacko even though the 9-11 terrorists were trained to fly in Arizona, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was from there, the Miranda Act stems from an Arizona case and the state has not had a governor initially elected to office serve two full terms in more than 50 years.

The Republic story continued, Marshall Vest, director of Economic and Business Research Center at the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, said he doesn't expect the Dine 4 AZ to have a large impact.

"All of these campaigns are a feel-good type of effort to get people to think about how their actions and purchasing decisions make a difference," Vest said. "So I think it's beneficial, but I think the overall effect on the economy would be pretty small."

So you must ask yourself why a governor would be so ill-informed to urge citizens to go out and be fiscally irresponsible? It could be worse – she could be flying off to Latin America to have an affair. Oops, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina already did that and he’s still in office!


  1. How can Arizona operate without a budget?

  2. Nelle, that is a terrific question. Don't know if you'd call the Governor's office or head of the state legislature to find out.

    Could be why we had financial problems with banks loaning to anyone, including Arizona State. Oops, they're called BONDS, not loans.

    State government is the state's #1 employer, so where do real jobs come from to pay taxes to pay state workers?


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