Seth Godin hits another home run

As I bemoan there are no Bluetooth television sets to watch YouTube on, and Twitter is MY cell phone, Seth Godin hit the topic. I’m incorporating two of his posts since they “incorporate” what I’ve been saying here for three-quarters of a year.

Godin: Am I the only person who wants a Hi Def telephone?

A headset that sounds better than the handheld receiver, and a handheld receiver that delivers the kind of quality calls we had back in the day...

I want to have a phone call where I don't have to strain to hear the other person, apologize for static, call people back because they went through a dandelion storm...

iPhones come locked so they can't be used with other carriers, so people spend hours and plenty of money to 'unlock' them. That's bear shaving. Better to figure out an easy way to pay AT&T their tribute so they can be truly unlocked...


  1. good mashup. thanks for the shoutout.

  2. Okay, got my breath back. Mr. Godin, since I've been pontificating your next computer will be an iPhone, let's rally the Internet to work for a Bluetooth television for that large iPhone screen!

    I have yet to find any company that is producing a Bluetooth television. Maybe you know of one.

    Also, you're not going to get clarity on that Wireless mobile device - but you will be purchasing first run movies within a year (why the Cell industry took over broadcast television band) - another reason we need Bluetooth TVs.

  3. The call quality is OK. Bring on the technology that turns my cell into a video phone with ease!


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