Right wing logic illogical

I’ve been labeled a Communist. One of the gym rat right wingers walked up to me today and says, See, Massachusetts is bankrupt. Since he’s a right winger, I didn’t comprehend his logic. I went, So is our state, California and more than 30 other states.

That’s when I became a Communist according to him. It’s because Massachusetts has health care. Since I didn’t comprehend his illogical logic, I’m a Communist.

I don’t like being labeled a Communist. I nastily replied, You sure it wasn’t George Bush who bankrupted those states? I could see red. Now I know why its called red and blue states. The blue states are blue because they have to listen to right wingers and they’re depressing.


  1. Better to be Pissed Off than Pissed OnAugust 6, 2009 at 7:59 PM

    Do you have healthcare?
    If so, do you like it?
    Well, if you have it and like it, get over it, kiss it goodbye.
    Here's a tissue for when you start to cry.

    You are not Communist.
    You are a Socialist.

    Just call me Pissed!

  2. Dear PO'd

    Thanks to George Bush's wonderful economic plan, NO, I DO NOT have health care.

    Also, thank you for the wonderful demonstration of Right Wing wisdom. What dictionary did you find "healthcare" in? Does the right always create its own words?


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