Real job - WTFH Program Coordinator

The County of Maricopa has this position open, WTFH Program Coordinator. Every texter in the world may get the first three letters, but many used this term when I was in college - especially if you hit yourself with a hammer. The last H means hell, of course.

Guess it goes along with this position, also open at the county,
First Things First Prgm Coord And you thought government was wasting your tax dollars. This could explain why government is Arizona's largest employer.

Here's the description for the First Things First position. Who says government workers do nothing?
"Must have the ability to interact with a variety of groups and organizations. Position requires the ability to supervise staff, manage contracts, establish and maintain positive working relationships with employees, other agencies, and the public, as well as prepare and maintain reports and records."

Sounds like the perfect job for some elected official's relative.