Knowing the music industry too well
What they’re REALLY saying

Read this online Associated Press story and my mind was reeling. Not at their breakup, but of the KISS undertones.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Brooks & Dunn says they're done.

“The best-selling country duo posted a message on its Web site Monday saying they've agreed to "call it a day" after 20 years of making music together.”

Finally got to the fourth paragraph and it was EXACTLY what I was thinking all along. “Brooks & Dunn will release a greatest hits album on Sept. 18 and tour one last time in 2010.

I knew there had to be the FINAL tour, as well as the greatest hits. We can’t pull a Phil and Don Everly, hit each other in the jaw and leave. We need to make $$$$ out of this.

Look for the reunion tour in 2012 or 2013. Remember Garth Brooks leaving show biz?

On other music news, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson cancelled a Phoenix show because of “heat.” In business circles, this is called the loser’s limp. The promoter couldn’t sell enough tickets to justify the concert, so you pick any lame excuse you can – like your lead singer dances around on stage, falls on a six inch drop and breaks his shoulder and cuts his head. Boo-hoo. Let’s cancel the tour!

Also, it couldn’t be they were going up against the Jonas Brothers in the same area on the same night? Believe that concert is sold out.