Is Twitter the new way to predict movies and music popularity?
The money making power of Twitter and 21st Century marketing

Won’t know until Sunday for weekend box office receipts, but if you look at Twitter trending topics – which I tend to use as a barometer – the movie District 9 is kicking the hiney of tween flicks Bandslam and Ponyo.

Right now District 9 is #1 trending topic on Twitter. Bandslam #6 and Ponyo #8, trailing New Moon that has its trailer opening during Bandslam showings.

I tend to choose stocks from indications like this. I’d be willing to bet District 9 tops both Bandslam and Ponyo when box office receipts are released Sunday evening. A lot can change between Friday evening and Sunday, but this will be a great indication of public opinion – something those public relations practitioners you pay for aren’t telling you about. They’re too busy sending press releases.

Checked just before publishing, District 9 #1, Bandslam #6, Ponyo gone.

Update 8-19-9 Destrict 9 #1 at the box office with $37-million.