How to properly market a store in the mall
Kudos to Metropark & Santa Monica’s Pink Ice
Differentiating yourself for excellence

For the last two months the Sonoran desert has broken temperature records. Those Bedouin tents aren’t too cool, so it is either the movie theaters or indoor malls to avoid the heat. Nothing good at the movies, so it’s the mall!

Was walking through a Scottsdale mall this weekend and ran across a fabulously marketed shop I had never seen before. It was called Metropark. It was loud, there were people inside (unlike most of the other mundane stores in the mall); there was even a disk jockey turntable setup in the window. It was fun. Its lighting was unique. The opposite of The Express, Charolette Russe and other plain vanilla stores near it.

Went to its web site. More fun. They have their own blog (21st Century marketing). They have events like a Las Vegas fashion show.

This is how you differentiate yourself; whether you’re a store in the mall, a grocery market or selling insurance. You do something to build brand recognition. As City of Phoenix attorney Will Gonzales says of me, he knows it’s me by the two tone shoes I wear. That is my brand. I tend to wear white suits or bright silk shirts, too. Look for me at Disney D23 next week attired that way.

I was walking down the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica early this century and found another unique store, Pink Ice. Their clothing was unlike other stores. Their layout was fantastic. They had differentiated themselves in the women apparel field. Kudos to them.

So to attract customers, which translates into $$$, be different but excellent. Like being a Marketing Sociologist instead of public relations practitioner. Connect with me on the FREE call me feature on this site.