How to make millions of dollars advertising your business

My persuasion is public relations – getting public attention without paying for advertising. A Marketing Sociologist needs to look at the total enterprise. Most public relations practitioners abhor advertising – they aren’t making money off it. Every advertising firm has a public relations department – most staffed by last semester’s intern. This way they get more of your money.

Either way, when you listen to either a public relations practitioner or advertising agency, you’re screwed. They don’t look at the total enterprise, as a Marketing Sociologist does. You should be doing both; benefiting your organization, not their’s.

Today I’m going to share one of my strategies that has made millions for my clients. When you advertise, create your own advertising agency. It takes maybe a couple hundred dollars for your lawyer to set it up either as its own entity or a subsidiary of your firm. You may want to hire a staff for your in-house advertising agency; maybe not.

Businesses not using my service have the hardest time figuring out something so simple. That’s why they don’t use my services – they can’t understand basics in making money for their company.

The reason you have an in-house advertising agency is that when you advertise, television or print (not sure about online – each varies) gives you a percentage back. They think they are giving it to an advertising agency, but you’re pocketing the $$$.

It’s a long honored sweet deal. Those selling advertising have given a commission of 10 to 20 percent to advertising or public relations firms placing advertising. Okay, I see that light coming on now. You’ve been spending $50,000 per month with your PR or advertising firm only to discover they were getting another $10,000 from advertisers. No wonder they were recommending so much advertising. They REALLY had your interest in heart placing ALL that advertising – right.

So with your own in-house advertising firm – you are purchasing the advertising and getting that commission back in your pocket. What questions do you have?, 1-818-714-1854 Friendfeed and Twitter @PhoenixRichard