How Google is taking over the world
Why are you ‘fraid to use today’s technology
Where’s my Jetson hover car?

You think President Barack Obama rules the world; au contraire. It is Google. Some would say I’ve experienced the future, but if AT&T had not been a monopoly, the technology Google is developing would have been available 50 years ago.

That is why I believe in free, and competitive, enterprise. In 1983, before Judge Harold Greene’s divestiture decree went into effect, it would have cost 60 cents or more per minute to call from Denver to Dover.

Today, thanks to Google Voice, and similar services, it is totally free. Whether you have a landline or wireless phone, Google Voice calls your phone and then places the call. Redundant for those who have free long distance on their wireless, but since 60 percent of the nation still has landlines, a miracle!

Beyond my comprehension is why people still use the phone. Thanks to Yahoo, Google and a myriad of other sites, I can video chat. Yet no one wants to do this. Is it because of that naked drummer bit in some movie I’ve forgotten? ‘Fraid of what you might see?

I love video chatting. Twitter me at PhoenixRichard and we can set one up. Don’t try to get me on a cell phone. I have a prepaid one I rarely use. My home phone goes to voice mail. Let’s video chat. Email or Twitter me – my other phone is Twitter.

Now, where’s that Bluetooth monitor I can use with an iPhone and where’s my Jetson Hover car?