Honor they father and mother
East meets West

One of the toughest commandments. It’s not respect or tolerate, but honor.

We’ve heard the parent say, “In my house you’ll show me respect.” That’s not it.

The teenager who says, “I’ll tolerate them until I can get out.” Not it.

I’ve heard many people say the reason people don’t understand the Bible is because it is based on Eastern thinking. This is true of the commandment Honor thy father and mother.

Let’s look at what the dictionary says about honor – good name or esteem; reputation. A person of superior standing. One whose worth brings respect or fame.

So honoring your mother and father is not respecting them or tolerating them. It is more the Oriental idea of not bringing shame to a family. You are to honor by being a pillar to your community.

Whew, a tough commandment.