Getting it wrong
Thousands quit AARP
Over health care rather than job discrimination
More Rush Limbaugh lemming idiots

Seniors are the MOST discriminated category in job hiring. More than Blacks, people of Latin American or Asian ancestry. The U.S. Supreme Court recently made it practically impossible to win any age discrimination suit.

AARP has always presented itself as a defender of America’s mature workers. Not a chance. Its only concern is selling insurance – health insurance, car insurance. You name it; those over 50 in this country are inundated weekly by AARP offers for insurance.

Not one lobby or lawsuit for age discrimination.

Yet thousands of AARP members are quitting en masse. Not over AARP’s lack of action for age discrimination, but because of health care. Shows once more what a nation of sheep, idiots and lemmings we have in the U.S.A. Bet 60 percent of those protesting have no idea when AARP was started, why it was started. They follow the Rush Limbaugh dinner bell like lemmings and jump into the sea. They should be protesting the Supreme Court’s decision against age discrimination and AARP’s position of doing nothing about it. One word – idiots!