Creative marketers not always found in marketing realm

There are some brilliant marketers out there. Here’s an example. My local community college pays professors (freelance) per class. While the college gets about $250 per 3 hours credit course, the teacher gets about $1,000 per semester for teaching the class.

The video production professor had a brilliant marketing scheme. Instead of a one semester course, he or she broke each class into a six weeks course – which is allowed at the school. So as the English or algebra teacher gets $1,000 for a semester, this marketing genius is getting $3,000 for the same amount of time and effort. Brilliant!

Get this, there’s also a $40 lab fee – per course – added. So instead of making $250 for the college, this marketing genius is bringing in $750 plus $120 in fees. Before we raise the praise flag, there are no books required for this course. As one online reader noted, an algebra book, which has been taught for centuries, sells for $150 at this community college. Nice profit. So this professor needs to find three textbooks that can be sold for $100 each – three classes. Then he or she will be the most valuable professor to this college.

Sorry to disillusion those who thought colleges were for education. They’re in business to make money like any other organization – even non-profits. What a surprise the organization you donate to is in business to make money. Shocking. Their business is to make you feel good and fleece you of your hard earned money.