21st Century marketing
Why one movie bombs another soars

On sister sites TweenMusic.blogspot.com and TweenMarketing.blogspot.com I have hyped both the movie Bandslam and Ashley Tisdale as 21st Century marketers.

I pronounced the movie I Love You Beth Cooper a bomb a week before it hit theaters. Here’s how to market a movie. While Hayden Panettiere only made two television shows for I Love You Beth Cooper, Bandslam stars have been ALL over YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – since April. The movie has its own Facebook page! It also discusses Facebook in the movie, ironic, eh?

Today – nearly two weeks before the movie hits, Vanessa Hudgens is hitting up Regis and Kelly (I knew Regis would get a facelift – look at him in the video) and the Today Show on NBC. You can bet she’ll be on ABC, CBS and CNN before the show opens.

Sure we’ll see the Bandslam stars on Dave, Conan and Jimmy within the next eight days. Panettiere did Dave and Regis and Kelly, that was it.

Summit Entertainment also sent Alyson Michalka, and her sister Amanda, since they are known musically as Aly & AJ, now 78violet, to the UK. In bold 21st Century marketing the duo did Tweets from everywhere they went – even clothes shopping.

While a movie like G-Force made more than $30-million, Star Trek and Harry Potter opened to $75-million their first weekend, I Love You Beth Cooper was gone from theaters in three weeks and didn’t even earn $15-million.

Interestingly, on my own sites, and I’m sure Summit was aware of this, Vanessa Hudgens scores higher than Alyson Michalka on hits or visits. Another thing wise marketers watch.

If I Love You Beth Cooper had consulted with Marketing Sociologist’s 21st Century marketing techniques, the movie could have opened five times what it did. What about your company? How much are you missing? MediaRelationsExpert@yahoo.com