Your cell phone is obsolete
Rise of the wireless age

A few months ago I had negative publicity in the New York Times about still using voice mail. Today I sit in one of the largest Starbucks in north Scottsdale, Arizona. Within five miles there are probably 11 Starbucks this size. It is noon on a Sunday and it is standing room only. Literally, there are people standing waiting for a chair – doesn’t every business wish they had this problem? I imagine it is the same at every Starbucks in the area.

The draw? There’s at least a dozen working on computers. Free WiFi – your ticket to profits if you’re in retail or restaurants.

It got me thinking of how we communicate. The New York Times article is less than three months old. Yet in that time we went from wireless, or cell, phones to no phones. That’s why I have an answering machine at home. Criticize me, but it is a means of communications – if you can’t Twitter, email or visual instant message me, leave a voicemail.

Poor phone companies. Most wrote off the land line several years ago. Today I’m writing off the wireless or cell phone! I have a cell or wireless that is prepaid. It still has the same amount it had on it since an April trip to California. If you’re travelling, a wireless is precious, but on home turf – who needs it?

In today’s frugal society that’s another way to cut your expenses – prepaid wireless phones.

Twitter has become the means of communications. I will admit, I’m on Twitter at least 12 hours a day – PhoenixRichard. I have messages, @’s galore. I know what Miley Cyrus is doing every minute and RIGHT NOW Kellie Picker is on her way to the airport listening to Pink Floyd and Pink is in Australia or one of those continents.

Selena Gomez is going live on a Web chat right now, the Jonas Brothers did it Thursday.

Why do I need a wireless cell phone?

Want to conference? My computer – which does everything short of smoothies – has a Web cam – live whenever I am.

What are your communications methods? How are you reaching your public in the 21st Century or are you still complaining about a poor economy. Instead of realizing it’s a vibrant economy if you’re using the right messaging tools.


  1. Cell phones obsolete? I don't think we're quite there yet. But I do agree with you statements on wireless being invaluable for businesses like Starbucks and their customers.
    Another interesting thing you mentioned is that you could cut your expenses by using a prepaid phone. Interesting because most people still perceive prepaid phones as being more expensive than contract. The truth, as you hinted at, is that prepaid phones have been cheaper for some time now. Unlimited plans on contract? $70, $90 and up. On prepaid? $45 from Tracfone, $50 from some other providers. Bundled plans? Also cheaper on prepaid! Straight Talk: 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 30mb data for $30. And there are other offers like these. Just goes to show...

  2. Thanks, Alexander Graham. Worked many years for your organization - paid many, many thousands for my advanced education. Got to meet many business experts like John Naisbett of MegaTrends.

    One thing that didn't fit - I believe iPhone is your next computer. So you're going to need service. Unless you can get an unlocked version, you're stuck with about $90 per month, including taxes, for your iPhone and I believe 400 minutes.

    My prepaid - also with the company that paid me and has iPhone - is $25 for 3 months. Do the math, as Hilary Duff would say.

    This is what kills most people. They don't consider the long term of those monthly bills.

    In the early '90s, every phone company and cable company put designs of getting $100 out of your wallet (monthly). That is $1,200 or more per year.

    Prepaid wireless phone plus going a block or two to find wireless (if I sit in my car, I can steal my neighbors - but right now it is 112 degrees) computer= $100 per year. Buy your prepaid cards at Walmart and they are discounted enough to cover the taxes so it is a flat $100 per year.

    If you need more frugality tips, contact Marketing Sociologist - you know the number, now look up my name - Ringo sang that as a joke not knowing one day there'd be reverse directories.

  3. P.S. - Alexander - Why do I need to pay a phone company for text when I can Tweet? That's the whole point of where your future is at.

    An unlocked iPhone, WiFi hotspot and your phone company is as done as an egg on my sidewalk - it is 112 now, did I mention that?

    PDAs may actually make a come-back! If they can get the apps iPhone has. Realize - there's more than 5,000 apps for an iPhone. Are that that many computer programs out there? I can even play guitar on iPhone -


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